Name of event (translated by google): 4. Grenzüberschreitender MTB Radmarathon in Zusammenarbeit mit grenznahen ungarischen Partnergemeinden 1. Team competition Date: Saturday 2015-05-30 Patron: Mayor Franz Wachter Organizer: Radclub Eisenberg and MTB MTB Club Oberwart Internet: Tel 0664/5767962 Organization: Director: John Hetfleisch Chief of Course: Roland PLANK, Willibald Janisch Race Director: ÖRV given by the MTB-known paper Timekeeping : high-tech timing KG, Graz. Announcer: Gerhard POSCH, Eisenberg a.d.P. Medical: Red Cross Oberwart Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Heinz Moser (ready) Marshals: FF German marksmen / Eisenberg, Hungarian police in striking distance points Venue: Eisenberg a.d.Pinka (Weinberg) Start: Eisenberg Hall Sports Centre Target: Eisenberg Hall Sports Centre Showers and facilities for wheel washing at the sports center Eisenberg / Pinka. (Hall playing field) Routes: Team, Light: ca. 24 km, Medium: 31 Km (1 laps), Extreme: 62 km  (2 laps) Disclaimer: Participation in the first cross-border MTB-Marathon is at your own risk. From the organizers are not liable for damages of any kind is accepted. This applies also for accidents, lost or stolen clothing and other items. Upon receipt of said each participant race packets / binding in that there are no health concerns for his participation. The liability, each participant / in with his application. Disclaimer Statement: At first with my enrollment and participation transboundary mountain bike marathon, I declare mandatory that I participate in this event on 06/01/2014 at your own risk. I hereby expressly Eisenberg Radclub MTB from all claims, the first in connection with the cross-border MTB Marathon, in particular due to an accident, whether from internal or external fault or other reason, against the MTB Radclub Eisenberg, their legal representatives, agents or Assistants, arise. This waiver applies to claims for any legal reason, in particular for damages arising from contractual and extra-contractual liability and for claims in tort. Of his / participants / granted in agreement that listed in the application and the data may be used in connection with participation in the race any photos, film footage, videos and interviews on radio and television rights for advertising purposes without compensation. The / the people at any one / in states that he / she for the first cross-border MTB Marathon has trained, physically healthy and to him / her his / her positive state of health was confirmed by a doctor. In case of cancellation, no show or cancellation of the event due to force majeure is not entitled to a refund of entry fee. Code of conduct: It applies during the entire racing operation helmet. It is the road traffic regulations (Highway Code) during the race. The instructions of line staff to be obeyed. A hazard is ruled out by other participants. The organizer is entitled to participants who endanger others by undisciplined behavior, exclude from participation in this event. MTBs are eligible to participate only with max. 29-inch wheels! Who manipulated (physically and technically) is excluded from the race.
Radclub MTB Eisenberg